Voyage to Cryplandia


The Pilgrim Apes' Voyage to Cryplandia

In a digital realm residing on the Ethereum blockchain, a captivating journey is about to unfold. Cryplandia Crypto Coin Nova Gold Pilgrim Apes
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Why Cryplandia?

In a digital realm residing on the Ethereum blockchain, a captivating journey is about to unfold. A tribe of 10,000 Pilgrim Apes has set its sights on Cryplandia, a mystical land adorned with seven enchanting islands, nestled at the very edge of the Earth’s virtual expanse. Their vessel of choice is the grand cruise ship named Elysium, a vessel of dreams and aspirations.


Elysium, the magnificent cruise ship, consists of precisely 10,000 cabins. These cabins are thoughtfully divided into two distinct types: the cozy ‘single’ cabins and the spacious ‘family’ cabins. Each cabin holds a unique promise of adventure, and every nook resonates with the thrill of what lies ahead.


Quest for Unity

But there’s a deeper layer to this tale. The NFTs’ true potential shines when a single wallet accumulates all four types of tokens: father, mother, son, and sister. When these pieces unite within a single digital realm, a treasure awaits in the form of the $NOVAGOLD (ERC20) token. This cryptographic reward is not only a mark of achievement but also a symbol of the tribe’s unity and shared aspiration. The $NOVAGOLD tokens can be used for games in the Casino on board of the Elysium cruise ship.

The NFT Voyage

The magic of this voyage lies in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Pilgrim Apes' journey to Cryplandia is encapsulated within these digital tokens, each one a gateway to an extraordinary experience. These tokens bear the names 'father,' 'mother,' 'son,' and 'sister,' representing the various roles in this digital tribe.

NFTs as Entrances

Individually, each minted single NFT serves as an entrance ticket to board the Elysium cruise ship. With it, a fortunate traveler gains access to the embarkation of a lifetime, a journey towards uncharted digital horizons. These NFTs also carry additional information: the cabin number and type that the traveler will call their own.


NovaGold Token

Token Sale Details:

  1. Total Token Supply: 1,000,000 tokens
  2. Presale (400,000 tokens):
    • Price: $0.25 per token (discounted rate for presale participants).
  3. NFT Collection Sale (10,000 NFTs):
    • Price: $10-$40 per NFT (linked to the value and rarity of the NFTs).

Token Utilization:

  1. Development and Operations (20%):
    • Used for ongoing development, maintenance, and operational expenses.
  2. Marketing and Partnerships (15%):
    • Allocated for marketing campaigns, partnerships, and promotional events.
  3. Community Incentives (15%):
    • Used for rewarding community engagement, organizing events, and community building.
  4. Treasury (5%):
    • Held in reserve for unexpected costs and future project growth.

Token Governance:

  1. Voting Rights:
    • Token holders participate in governance decisions related to project upgrades, changes, and proposals.
  2. Rewards and Incentives:
    • Token holders may receive additional rewards or incentives for actively participating in governance decisions. Cryplandia Crypto Coin Nova Gold Pilgrim Apes


NovaGold Token Roadmap

Phase 1: Token Presale and Fundraising (Month 1-2)

Phase 2: NFT Collection Development
Phase 3: VR-Type Experience Application
Phase 3: VR-Type Experience Application

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METROPOLIS CYBERGROUP LLC (“the Company”) is preparing to launch a token sale, including a presale, to fund the development of Voyage to Cryplandia project. It is essential for participants to understand that the acquisition of NOVAGOLD tokens does not imply ownership, equity, or any form of security interest in the Company.

Not a Security:

NOVAGOLD is a utility token intended for use within the Voyage to Cryplandia Ecosystem. It is not designed as an investment contract or security. Purchasing NOVAGOLD does not grant the holder any ownership stake, dividend rights, or voting rights in the Company.

Educated Decision:

By participating in the token sale, you acknowledge that you are doing so based on your understanding of NOVAGOLD as a utility token. It is your responsibility to conduct thorough due diligence and make an informed decision based on your individual assessment of the project’s merit and utility.

Regulatory Compliance:

The Company intends to conduct its token sale in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. However, regulations may vary, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your participation in the token sale is in compliance with the laws of your jurisdiction.

No Guarantees:

The value of NOVAGOLD may fluctuate, and there is no guarantee of profit. The Company does not provide any warranties or guarantees regarding the future value, liquidity, or marketability of NOVAGOLD.

Risk Acknowledgment:

Participating in token sales involves risks, including but not limited to market risks, regulatory risks, and technical risks. By participating, you acknowledge and accept these risks and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.